Texas Gold- Chunky 0.40
Texas Gold- Chunky 0.40

Texas Gold- Chunky 0.040, PVC

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Texas Gold is a term coined for petroleum oil.  Many cities in the Texas Panhandle were settled due to the discovery of oil.  Texas Gold is a blue, black chunky 0.040 hex sized glitter. It has a matte finish but still provides for that extra shine and sparkle needed.   The blue/ purple tint is subtle but is present.  There is no true gold color with this colored glitter.

  • Chunky 0.040 hex flake
  • Black with dark blue, purple hue
  • Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride Film
  • 1 oz. by weight
  • Packaged in BPA free zip lock type bag
  • Glamarillo label
  • Ships in 1-3 business days
  • Packaging not included in weight of glitter


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