Shot O' Tequila-Fine 0.015
Shot O' Tequila-Fine 0.015

Shot O' Tequila-Fine 0.015

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Shot O' Tequila is a light green, margarita or lime like color. It is a metallic fine so it doesn't have the extra bling as a holographic or other cut. It is a fine 0.015 hex flake. Besides the obivous lime or margarita uses, this color of green will be good for Summer or Spring themed cups, and possibly for green grass or the stems of flowers depending on your desired look. This green glitter will also work for your projects where a lot of  sparkle is not desired or for a male themed project. This smaller sized flake size allows for more coverage as a base coat and adds detail to indoor pictures, signs, sets, shoes, tumblers and other art projects. 

  • Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride Film
  • Fine 0.015 hex flake
  • Light green
  • Metallic
  • 1 oz. by weight
  • Packaged in BPA free zip lock type bag
  • Glamarillo label
  • Ships in 1-2 business days
  • Packaging not included in weight of glitter

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