Shamrock- Chunky 0.98, PVC
Shamrock- Chunky 0.98, PVC

Shamrock- Chunky 0.094, PVC-Holographic

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Shamrock is a small country town in the southern Texas Panhandle.  It is famous for its St. Patrick Day parade and celebration, and visitors from all over the country flock to Shamrock for the festivities.  This large 0.094 chunky, holographic green reminds us of the fun we have in Shamrock every March.  This jumbo green flake is holographic  and depending on the lighting and angle, the colors of the rainbow can be seen shining throughout. This glitter could be used for projects such as to decorate fishing lures, to decorate floors by sprinkling on polyurethane or used on parade floats.  It will add significant detail to indoor pictures, signs, sets, shoes, tumblers and other art projects as it is very light catching and has lots of sparkle. For a smaller sized chunky try Lucky Charm.

  • Chunky 0.094 hex flake
  • Green sparkle with rainbow color shimmer
  • Holographic
  • PVC film
  • 1 oz. by weight
  • Packaged in BPA free zip lock type bag
  • Glamarillo label
  • Ships in 1-3 business days

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