Rainbow Package
Rainbow Package

Chunky Rainbow Package

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Chunky Rainbow glitter box
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The Rainbow Package includes each of the following colors and is sold in 1 ounce or 2 ounces of each color. For a total of 7 glitter colors in each package.

  The Mac - Chunky 0.040- Holographic 
  Amarillo- Chunky 0.040, PET- Iridescent
  Sapphire- Chunky 0.040, PET
  Indigo - Chunky 0.040- PVC
  Cholla Cactus - Chunky 0.040, PET
  Route 66- Chunky 0.040- Holographic, PVC
  Nacogdoches- Chunky 0.040, PET

Rainbow tumbler pictured was made using Glamarillo glitter by Spoiled Rotten Custom Design and is not included in the Rainbow Package.

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