Blank Glamabobs
Blank Glamabobs

Glamabob Blanks

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Glamabobs are a round, holder for you to hold your phone more comfortably.  The outer round circle extends and allows your fingers to rest comfortably around the inner tube and against the back of your phone and outer circle.  These are sold in blanks, ready for you to decorate to your liking with Glamarillo glitter, stickers or vinyl.  The possibilities are endless.  Spoiled Rotten Custom Design has also provided Glamarillo with a few designs and decorations to try out the durability and quality of the blanks.  These will also be available but on a limited basis.

If you request a specific combo of colors, please leave note at check out or email [email protected] with your request.

Blank Glamabobs  Colors:


Limited quantity:

Light pink
Sky Blue
Lime Green

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