Decorated Glamabobs
Decorated Glamabobs

Finished Glamabobs

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Spoiled Rotten Custom Design designed and decorated Glamabobs with Glamarillo glitter.  There is a select amount available. If you are interested in a design not available or another design, please email [email protected]

If you are searching for blank Glamabobs you can decorate yourself, please venture to this page.

Available designs are:

  1. 1- Coral Honey Suckle glittered
  2. 1- Texas Azalea glittered
  3. 1- Pink "Lacs  glittered
  4. 1- Amarillo Sky glittered
  5. 1- Ballfield on yellow Glamabob (bright yellow)
  6. 1- Ballfield on tan Glamabob (light yellow)
  7. 2- Limearillo
  8. 1- Golden Rose on tan Glamabob (rose gold)
  9. 1- Diamond Sky
  10. 1- Pink Lacs with puppy paw decal
  11. 1-Lilac glittered
  12. 2- Soft balls
  13. 1- Scandalous (black holo) glittered with pink vinyl "jeep" grill
  14. 1-Spoiled Rotten (pink) glittered with pink vinyl "jeep" grill
  15. 1-Diamond Sky with pink vinyl "Double C" design
  16. 1-Scandalous with white vinyl "Double C" design
  17. 1- Gunslinger with "Castle" design
  18. 1- Light pink, with pink and blue iridescent sea shells
  19. 1-Red base with Hot Mama glitter with silver flecks

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